What is Bluray, DVD, AT-X source?

Bluray and DVD sources are uncensored version of an ecchi anime that are broadcasted censored in TV.
AT-X is a TV channel in Japan that usually aires uncensored version.

Why some ecchi anime still has no nipples?

Color tags are used to differentiate uncensored ecchi. There are some cases were the ecchi anime is censored in TV and when the Bluray version is released, there is still no nipples and that is why it’s still “Green”, “Blue”, or “Citrus”.
If an ecchi anime is still like that even in Bluray or DVD source then it’s meant to be that way.
Unless there is a second version (HyperSexy Version) of the Bluray.

There are 4 types of color tags Red, Green, Blue and Citrus.

Color Tags Description Sample
RED Ecchi anime with exposed nipples and panty shots. Preview
GREEN Ecchi anime without exposed nipples but with poking nipples under shirt and cameltoe panty shots. Preview
BLUE Ecchi anime without exposed nipples. Only cleavage and panty shots. Preview
CITRUS Some episodes have no ecchi scene even in a DVD/bluray release.
MIXED Some episodes are red, green, or blue. Preview

How to know the color tags of an ecchi anime that is uncensored?

How to play videos?

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How to download videos?

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