VIP Registration

Please donate 10$ to register a VIP account and you will get these following perks:

• You will be able to access the VIP player and direct download links. (For now the VIP player is only available on AnimeRon and AnimeRon-H. We will be adding VIP player in Hentairon soon.)
• No annoying ads and popups in the site. (Except NETU player.)
• My Favorites will be saved to your VIP account even you clear browser cache.
• VIP accounts is accessible both desktop and mobile platforms.

We will accept donations via Paypal or Bitcoin. Follow these steps to create your VIP account.

STEP 1: Donate via Paypal or Bitcoin
Donate via Paypal: Our paypal account –
Click here on how to donate via Paypal.

Donate via Bitcoin: Our Bitcoin account – 34LMLYkjMM8YzTngCH2As21WEX7caSxDpb
Click here on how to donate via Bitcoin.

STEP 2: Fill Up Form for Account Registration

    STEP 3: Wait for Confirmation
    Thank you for supporting AnimeRon! We will verify your donation and we will send your login details to your email within 12hours or less. If you did not find the email in your inbox please check your spam box. To activate your VIP account please read FAQS.
    You can also message us on Facebook and Twitter for other concerns regarding your VIP account.